Bismillah, to All user who already  have an account of Dinarfirst, we introduce to you that our dinarfirst-mobile exchange system can be operating through yahoo messenger. Now you can mobilise your dinar-dirham beetwen user-dinarfirst,  check your daily exchange rate, check your balance  and many more.

See this real step by step how to: After you registered at Dinarfirst and Get reply form G-Master you will recieved SMS for your PIN number and 50 unit transaction for free. You have to activate the Dinarfirst on YM by sending SMS to Dinarfirst-centre, with this command ( see the user manual of dinarfirst)

and you will recieved a reply of SMS in your handphone like this

After you’ve registered for Dinarfirst-Yahoo Messenger , you are ready to use all the commmand that written in Dinarfirst User Manual. See the real example below, you can check daily exhange rate by sending command RATE at yahoo-messenger, it look like this

About dinarfirst today

we are ecourage muslim to use gold dinar and silver dirham to eliminate riba from our everyday life. dinarfirst-mobile exchange system is the first true mobile dinar-dirham to mobilise your dinar-dirham everywhere. You can Transfer, Saving and Buying Dinar-Dirham from your mobile and Yahoo! Messenger. For more information please Call 62818088720
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