We are advice everyone who already have dinar, dirham and daniq to use it as barter voluntary coins among you and you can start using Dinarfirst to mobilise your coins everywhere from your handphone, its easy, safe and fast.

See that sticker above is to remind us each other for starting fair trade among muslim every where using gold-dinar and silver dirham. Fair trade movement is for muslims everywhere to do the an amal such as:

We have to utilize Dinar-Dirham in our everyday life as much as we can (prefable dinar-dirham of IMN for the fair minting cost, fine qualities and its wakaf ).

You have to start to open  TITIPAN-Dinarfirst why we need to do this, because we want to shifting all the worthless paper-money from us and give it back to the kufar, than we’ve got our gold and silver. We want to get rid riba from our life. Tell everyone to keep gold and silver at Titipan Dinarfirst, starting today.

Together with your friend, neighbour or your jamaah, you have to preform an islamic open market at any possible area of the masjid in your communities and if you need assistance please call +6281808872081

Forget about buy-selling dinar or dirham as wakala or user dinar-dirham to gain spread of paper-money (its riba, lets leave it as fast as we can), it will not going to make you rich. You have to start kiosk-wakala for activate the trading (merchant) using Dinarfirst. if you need assistance please call +6281808872081

We need to explain and persuade the merchants, traders, services and supplier that we’ve already know, to accept step by step for dinar-dirham as barter voluntary coins (of course without forcing them). Dinarfirst-mobile exchange system is a key to mobilise dinar-dirham among trader, merchant, personal, offices, services and etc in Nusantara and the world. You can joint our merchant grup at www.facebook.com

We dont need so much wakala, what we need is to activating the trading among muslims everywhere and you can use Dinarfirst-mobile exchange system as a tools to mobilise your dinar-dirham from you handphone to everywhere in Nusantara and the world

About dinarfirst today

we are ecourage muslim to use gold dinar and silver dirham to eliminate riba from our everyday life. dinarfirst-mobile exchange system is the first true mobile dinar-dirham to mobilise your dinar-dirham everywhere. You can Transfer, Saving and Buying Dinar-Dirham from your mobile and Yahoo! Messenger. For more information please Call 62818088720
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