To all Dinar-Dirham user and Dinarfirst-mobile exchange system member everywhere in Nusantara and the world, we are please to announce that you can use your gold-dinar as barter voluntary coins for trade with anykind model of Blackberry handphone in one of the BB Authorized Dealer in South Jakarta.

Buy any kind of Blackberry using Dinar at SUMBER BLACKBERRY STORE, First Floor No.134 – ITC Fatmawati, South Jakarta. Call.+62.21. 27958558. Sumber BB become Dinarfirst merchant network and Kiosk-Wakala of Master Wakala Nusantara. Sumber BB store is one of the place for buy Blackberry with fair price and fine service, you can ask for assitance from the owner of the store, his name is Abee Sinaga.

You will see the sticker of Dinarfirst and Welcome Dinar-Dirham at any merchant or kiosk-wakala who welcome dinar-dirham and dinarfirst-mobile exchange system. Sumber Blackberry Store use fair rate of Bismillah

Note: We are welcome any of Merchants, Trader and Services who interested to join Dinarfirst Trading Network and Open Market. Please contact +62.81808872081 (As’ad Nugroho). *Dinarfirst Discount-Card already connect with 2000 merchant (*when you apply titipan-dinarfirst you will get Dinarfirst-starterkit)

Apply Titipan-Dinarfirst for activate you Dinarfirst-mobile exchange system.

About dinarfirst today

we are ecourage muslim to use gold dinar and silver dirham to eliminate riba from our everyday life. dinarfirst-mobile exchange system is the first true mobile dinar-dirham to mobilise your dinar-dirham everywhere. You can Transfer, Saving and Buying Dinar-Dirham from your mobile and Yahoo! Messenger. For more information please Call 62818088720
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